Daisy Wouters – Warming up inspired by Jamaican Dancehall

Jamaican dancehall is an urban dance style that originated in Kingston (JA). The music and the dance moves are a direct expression of the daily life in Jamaica. Daisy Wouters chose certain existing dancehall moves to accompany the theme of the night: Smile at the obstacle for it is a bridge. #HappyFeet #GiveDemARun #RowDiBoat #ShadySquad At the end of 2012, Daisy Wouters returned to Belgium and started teaching Jamaican dancehall classes and organizing dance workshops with guest teachers. In 2017, she joined the RAW Dancehall team and together they breathed new life into the Belgian Dancehall Queen competition.

Ulrike Reinhard

Ulrike Reinhard is a network enabler who forges direct links that connect people across sectors, disciplines and continents. She’s a public speaker, writer (Google’s THINK QUARTERLY) and an expert in modern communication technologies. With innovative formats, she kick-starts co-creation processes in companies and rural villages for long-term change and pushes her client’s boundaries, initiating cultural change, helping them to reach out to new audiences, strengthen their relationships to all their partners and merge their online and offline activities. Being disruptive is her job.

Steven Laureys

Steven Laureys MD PhD, author of over 350 scientific papers and several bestselling scientific books, is a neurologist and brain scientist working at the University Hospital and University of Liège, Belgium where he is head of the Coma Science Group and GIGA Consciousness Research Centre. He is a world-leading expert in severe brain injury, chair of the World Federation of Neurology Applied Research Group on Comas and has received the prestigious Francqui Prize (2017).