Elke Van Hoof: How stress became my navigator

Elke Van Hoof is a professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and teaches health and medical psychology as well as clinical psychological interventions. She is best known for her work on stress, burn-out, sensory-processing sensitivity, and return-to-work. She embodies a unique combination of business expertise, psychology and academic research. She is the managing director of the Center for Resilience as well as the co-founder of Agile Grit, a company that creates software and online applications for psychosocial health care.

Joris Vanbriel: Story full circle

Partnering with Vanessa Yuan in 2011, Joris founded ecoBirdy which is based here in Antwerp. By collecting, processing and recycling plastic toys in collaboration with local workshops and recycling centers, ecoBirdy creates second-life new products and social added value. They create design products that enable kids to experience creativity while raising awareness about sustainability.

Thierry Geerts: You can reinvent the world

Thierry Geerts is the Country Director of Google Belgium and Luxembourg and is at the heart of the digital revolution, marketing and innovative entrepreneurship.

He is the author of Digitalis: How to Reinvent Our World. Digitalis is the country where more than 4 billion people are connected and where healthcare, education, mobility, economy and other social themes are addressed thanks to the possibilities of a digital revolution. Geerts challenges us to face our fears and embrace technological progress and the digitization of our world.