Sandra Lizioli, <p>Coaches Team</p>

Sandra Lizioli

Coaches Team

As a coach, Sandra brings together the world of theatre and public speaking.

She calls it her Tale of Two Stages. What can performing actors teach you? A lot! From projecting your voice to bringing your words to life to learning how to use the stage are her three essential skills speakers need. Her positive energy and enthusiastic personality helps draw out key insights and stories that inspire, inform, persuade or motivate audiences.

Sandra found her passion for public speaking when she joined Toastmasters in 2004. That same year, she started acting with amateur theatre groups in Brussels. Both became the catalyst that morphed her career from marketing & communication to empowering leaders to speak up, find their voice and get their message across with Clarity, Confidence & Conviction.

British of Italian origin, Sandra is based in Brussels. where she feels ‘at home’, in this diverse, multicultural and inter-generational city she describes as a magnet for people like her: a Colourful Concoction of Cultures.